Night Photography Tour 

Astro Photography 


  • 3 HOURS



Night-time allows us to experience the more tranquil side of the desert. The moon and stars give a depth to the sky and a sense of vast scale beyond anything that can be seen during the day. The quiet nights of Zion allow us to feel both intimately connected to the land, and feel the immensity around us. Join us for our nightly photography tours to learn how to photograph the Milky Way, create star trails, and take in the nocturnal side of Zion. 

For this tour, we recommend a wide angle lens (at least 14mm for crop sensor cameras, 24mm or wider for full frame cameras) and cameras capable of shooting at ISO 6400 or greater. Without these, it will be hard to capture the full potential of nighttime images. If you have an interest in nighttime photography but do not have the equipment, consider our camera rental program which consists of a quality camera, lens and tripod (pricing $55). 

NOTE:  THE "LOOK" OF NIGHT TIME IMAGES DEPENDS ON THE CYCLE OF THE MOON AND THE POSITIONING OF THE MILKY WAY.  Please click the "Sky Calendar" button  to find out what to expect during your visit.  



- Meeting time is 1.5 hours after sunset

- Meeting location is Zion Adventure Company in Springdale, Utah.

- Tours last 3 hours, and we typically photograph 3 different locations.

- Little to short light hiking involved. (Customized to meet your needs and wants).



- 1 Photographer - $249 plus tax

- Book 2 or more photographers - $210 per person/plus tax

-Max photographers per tour: 5  (with the exception of families, friends or photo clubs)

-Non-photographer - $49 plus tax

**Make trip private for $100

**Book 3 or more tours  to receive a 10% discount  (with the exception of Aerial)


-30 days or more before trip receives full refund

-Between 30 days and 24 hours prior to the trip receives 75% refund

-Within 24 hours of the trip there is no cancellation/refund

-If there is unacceptable weather than there will be a full refund/trip transfer

Recommended Gear

- Camera Body

- Wide angle (at least 14mm for crop sensor cameras, 24mm or wider for full frame sensor cameras)

- Camera with 6400 ISO or better (Full professional camera package rental available for $55, you will need to bring your own memory card)

- Tripod (REQUIRED- rentals available)

- Extra batteries and memory cards

- Normal personal gear (food, water, clothing appropriate for the season)

- Headlamp or flashlight

**Book 3 or more tours  to receive a 10% discount  


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