2019 Night Photography Workshop


May 31 - June 3 2019 (Limited to 6 participants)

PRICING: $1,500 plus tax (includes beverages and snacks).  For those who sign up for this workshop, you will be sent an email containing recommendations on lodging and some  delicious local food.  $750 deposit required upon booking.


Day 1 -

    3:30 PM - Meet at Cafe Soleil in the town of Springdale for a coffee, tea and snacks meet and greet.  We will  meet the instructors and participants involved in our 4-day outing.  This is a great time to talk about local secret spots, recommendations for solo-time shooting in Bryce and Zion, logistics of your trip, gear, etc.   After we catch up, we will scour some pre-calculated areas to photograph bighorn sheep.  And then onto sunset!  We'll do some serious off-roading in our burly 4x4 vehicle to photograph one of the more obscure sunset photo opportunities in the area (and one of the best).

Post-sunset: Break for food.  People can travel to their restaurant of choosing.  We have recommendations.

        9 PM - Oh yeah!  Onto the good stuff.  By this time, the sky is going to be DARK and one of the very best nights for milky way photography of the entire year!  Expect around 4 hours of shooting.  We will photograph 3 to 4 different areas.  On this evening we learn how to expose perfectly for the night sky, and photograph some of Zion's dramatic cliffs, as well as a local ghost town.  (Star trails are amazing at one of these locations).


Day 2 - 

         7:30PM -  We load up in Springdale (just outside of Zion) and caravan up to Bryce National Park.  After the 1.5 hour drive to Bryce, we will head out into the bizarre, towering hoodoos of Bryce.  This place has a reputation of being one of the darkest skies in the lower 48.  So dark that we have seen events similar to the aurora borealis!


Day 3 -

            10AM -  We'll have a nice leisurely breakfast.  This afternoon is for personal exploration and shooting time.  I have some nice recommendations for photography areas in the afternoon.  Many people typically take advantage of a nap during this afternoon, as we have spent many nights awake into early morning hours.               

              4PM - We will meet up for some food before we go out for a combo of sunset and milky way photography.  Our last evening of night photography.  We are going to play with light painting and star trails.  With Doctor Suess-esque hoodoos, and large natural arches, we are going to get some great stuff here.  Expect to photograph for around 4 hours.


Day 4 - 

              10AM - Another leisurely wake up, after a late night of shooting.  For those interested in post-processing techniques, we will sit down together  while still in Escalante to learn some helpful tips on processing your images using Lightroom, StarStax and Starry Landscape Stacker (or Sequator for PC users).  From here we will depart and people will go there separate ways.   For those wanting to spend a couple of extra days in the Southwest, Capital Reef National Park is only one hour away from Escalante.  Other options will be recommended to those who book and are looking for some extra shooting while in the area.



Questions? Free feel to contact us here. 

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