Video testimonial from a novice photographer


"I have taken many group classes but was looking for a more one-on-one, in the field experience where my particular needs and questions could be addressed.  I was excited to find that Seth Hamel offered this type of experience while we are in Zion for vacation.  Seth is a patient and thoughtful teacher.  His teaching was exactly at my level, not too basic nor too advanced.  I would highly recommend Seth to any photographer who would like personal, one on one training with a fantastic teacher in a spectacular setting!"  - Andrea Waxler 


"Observing you mentoring [my grandson] during the sessions, I could not have been happier with how you worked with Kyle.  Your approach of asking him what he intended to do and then either giving him the confidence of being right or "suggesting" another approach was both very professional and friendly.  You have increased his love for his hobby.  You obviously have a knack for this kind of thing." - Bruce Kanter


"It is not possible to spend time with Seth and not become infected with his enthusiasm for photography and Zion. He has the ability to make learning photography fun and easy. He showed the ability to adapt his teaching approach to all levels of photographers. He was the key to making my pictures of Zion into photos that I am proud to display." - Michael Moore



"I consider myself an experienced landscape photographer but that doesn’t mean sessions with Seth aren’t equally great. I get a real kick out of bouncing ideas off another photographer and Seth has strong technique and great instincts. Seth’s local knowledge is equally important to me. I’ve been to Zion a bunch of times but when you have a pro that lives in the area, that gives you a real edge. Seth knows all the great spots, he knows what locations are best at which time of the day or year. So a session with Seth is worth it for me just to pick his brains.” - Tim Truby



"He is extremely patient, full of energy, really knows his photography and readily shares his information .  We absolutely would not have gotten the spectacular shots we did without him and have recommended him to every photographer we know who wishes to shoot Zion."  - John and Mary Ann Avera



”Seth was one of the best photography teachers I have ever had!  He was generous with his time and his knowledge and went out of his way to find just the right spots to shoot.  I am actively looking for times I can go back to Zion and spend time with him!”  - Lori Lane



"Seth's enthusiasm for photography and the Southern Utah area were very contagious." - Tim Hanko



"He knows Zion National Park and the surrounding area like the back of his hand. He knew right where to go at what times of the day.  He has a great personality! You will not be disappointed if you need him for a workshop!" - Cindy Garwood, Pro



"If you’re a landscape photographer, that moment, when the bells start to go off and your stomach flip-flops; because you are there and you have seen such magnificence, and the camera makes it yours. That’s what Seth gave me. His enthusiasm and love of the outdoors is contagious. He’s smart and fun and a great companion. Best birthday present to myself ever!"  -Patty Harrigan


"Not only did Seth know where to go for the best shots, but he also knew a lot about my camera and was able to help me with many things.  By the end of the morning, I was even shooting in manual!  My time spent with Seth was invaluable - he made me feel very comfortable with the camera and the time was all about me and what I wanted to learn and what I wanted to shoot.  I have to say he truly inspired me to look for the shot and how to improve - Thank you Seth." - Joanne Brown



"Seth, what a great experience I had learning photography techniques and taking photos with you up in Zion, Utah.  That was a top highlight of my vacation trip to Utah and I will forever remember the night shoot of the Milky Way over Zion. Your professional experience and teaching style was greatly appreciated.  I will make sure to see you again when I am up in Utah."  - James Mory