A small but resilient cottonwood tree tucked into a wall in the Narrows. It’s hard to comprehend how this one tree survives the Narrows ferocious flash-floods.

#1 - Zion Narrows photography tour

November is the best month to be shooting in the Narrows, hands down. Due to the angle of light during the fall, there are lots of sections of the canyon that receive fantastic glowing light. Another reason is that the light lingers a lot longer than it does in the summer and spring months giving you more un-rushed shooting time. The last reason is that crowds are down compared to the spring and summer seasons. The cold water, and having students back in school keeps a good chunk of people out. With that being said, the Narrows are always busy, so be prepared to be patient for people to move through our scenes while shooting. This is a must do hiking and shooting experience during the month of November.

#2 - Zion half-day sunset tour

It is candy-land in Zion during November, especially early to mid-November. This is historically peak fall foliage season in Zion. There are limitless scenes to shoot. Zion’s dramatic cliff features receive a fantastic angle of light at sunrise and sunset in the fall. The direction at which it rises and sets lines up great for the park, and creates great dimension and form to the cliffs. Combined with peak fall foliage, this is a great tour to take advantage of this fleeting event.

#3 - Zion half-day sunrise tour

As mentioned above the angle of light at sunrise and sunset is very flattering during the fall for Zion. There are plenty of excellent shooting opportunities at sunrise just like there are with sunset. The only reason we recommend sunset over sunrise is because there are more sunset location options than there are sunrise in this area, which allows us to chase scenes based off of cloud locations. If you were to do a sunset and sunrise tour with us, we do visit separate locations for each tour.

Useful information from a locals perspective if you’re visiting in the month of November

Photographically, this is the month that the photographers in our team are always counting down the days for. Peak fall foliage season typically occurs in the main scenic canyon during the first and second weeks of November. Keep in mind, this can vary year to year and it sometimes can occur during the last week of October. This combined with excellent directional, and lower lying light makes November for what we consider to be the very best month of the year for photography in Zion. Each season has it’s special flavor, but November provides unlimited quality shooting opportunities at all times of the day, no matter the conditions. There is always something to shoot.

Combining the great light with peak foliage amongst the canyon walls has turned Zion in to a bucket-list area for photographers from all over the world. This is the month to be here folks.


Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 63/37

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 45/19