A lone pine resides within the towering “hoodoos” of Bryce National Park

#1 - Bryce sunrise tour

If you’ve seen photos of Bryce Canyon with snow on it, you’ll understand why this is our top recommendation for the month of February. The vibrant orange spires of Bryce National Park with it’s contrasting white snow is a dream for any photographer. Shooting this area, during this time of the year should be on every photographers bucket list.

#2 - Zion sunrise tour

February is one of the months of the year where sunrise has a bit of an edge over the sunset shooting in Zion. This is due to the direction of the sun at sunrise, as well as the sun lingering lower in the sky being in the winter months. In addition, one of the iconic peaks in the park often holds snow well after storms have moved through due summit sitting at a rather high elevation. This means you have pretty decent odds of getting some photos of Zion with great light with a snowy accent.

#3 - Zion sunset tour

Reflection pools are the name of the game in the winter time in Zion. These pools of water which are formed only after storms are very short lived during the warmer months of the year. Shallow pools of water form on sections of slick rock. When you lower your perspective enough, you are able to get some of Zion’s dramatic red cliffs glowing with sunset light reflected in these pools. The pools that we guide to are always a big hit our guests.

Useful information from a locals perspective if you’re visiting in the month of February

Oh boy, I feel like we’re letting you all in on a little secret here, so let’s keep this info low key. January and February may be our personal favorite months of the year, along with all of the other locals here. The town of Springdale feels like a sleepy little artist and adventurers town, and it seems as if you have the National Parks all to yourself. Daytime temperatures in Zion are actually quite nice, especially if you are being active. If you are hiking you’ll stay at a nice temperature with some light or medium layers. Bryce however is very cold. This is a very good thing, snow sticks and accumulates up in Bryce. When weather rolls through Zion, precipitation typically falls as rain or rain/snow mix in the main canyon, and as snow in the higher elevations of the park. We do get lucky sometimes, and it will be snow even down in the main section of Zion Canyon.

A few things to know if you’re coming to visit during this month:

  • If you’re planning on hiking, be sure to bring some micro-spikes or yack tracks. Sections of trails in Zion and Bryce that don’t receive sun in the winter get icy.

  • The “scenic canyon” in Zion is accessible by personal vehicle in February. Most of the year you are required to take a shuttle in that area. Enjoy the freedom!

  • This is the time of the year where many restaurants in Springdale close for renovations or for vacation time. Don’t worry, you will have options of places to eat out but don’t plan on everything being open. 


Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 58/33

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 39/10