Mesmerizing striations which are found on our full-day slot canyon tour

#1 - Zion night photography tour

This is one of our most popular tours, and it is highly recommended during this time of year. The Milky Way starts to show itself clearly (especially at the end of the month), and due to the clear days that we get in May, we are consistently getting great images. Night time temperatures are pleasant, there are no crowds, and you get to experience a very quiet version of Zion.

#2 - Half-day slot canyon tour

With visitation in full-swing in the parks, our slot canyon tours are a great way to escape the crowds and have an intimate, quiet experience in a wilderness setting. Many slot canyons that you visit will either be packed with crowds, or you will have to hike miles through desert sand. Not with our canyons. Both of our canyons offer easy access via 4x4 driving on some exciting roads with minimal to no crowds. Don’t worry, we use our capable vehicles, and we’re pros at driving in these environments. Because of the clear skies in May, and the sun being so high in the sky, this is another tour that delivers terrific images consistently. Unlike our full-day slot canyon option, this tour is not at all adventurous and requires no fitness ability.

#3 - Full-day slot canyon tour

This is a tour for the adventurous! You should be of average to above average fitness for this trip. For those who qualify, this will probably be the most unique and memorable photo excursion of your life. This is an extremely beautiful canyon, quite similar to lower antelope canyon, minus the crowds and the staircases. May is a terrific month for this canyon for a couple reasons. We are not yet into monsoon season in May (the canyon has flash flooding risk in the later summer months), we also have mostly clear skies which offer the best light possible for the canyon. This is a tour that you’ll enjoy for the experience as much as you will for the photo opportunities.

Useful information from a locals perspective if you’re visiting in the month of May

May is the month where Spring turns to Summer in Zion. Photographically, this is a great month because the Milky Way starts to show itself in the night sky. The best months for Milky Way photography in Zion are late May through Early August. You can see some of the Milky Way towards the beginning of the month, but by the end, you can see the entire “galactic core” rising over the cliffs of Zion. With May getting closer to the summer solstice, this means the sun gets very high in the sky which is ideal for slot canyon photography. Our slot canyons receive great light in May, and towards the end of the month we even start to see “light beams” in certain areas of the canyons.


Typically, May is one of the driest months of the year. Most days are sunny, and Zion can start feeling a bit warm. For both Zion and Bryce, exploring the parks earlier in the day, and more towards sunset will keep you comfortable and happy. Even with the very pleasant temperatures, the desert sun can feel intense with no clouds. Sun screen and a hat for shade are advisable.

Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 76/44

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 63/29