The birds are vocal, the aroma in the park is elegant and daytime temperatures are very pleasant. The park also awakens with visitors. March is what locals consider to be the beginning of the season, and by mid-month visitation is in full visitation mode, which continues through the end of November. Over the past several years the park has become quite busy in March and April with families and students on spring break, so be prepared to share the park with others. Angels landing is extremely busy during this month. If you are planning on hiking the Narrows, be sure to check with the park to make sure that it is open just before your trip. With rising temperatures, the higher elevation snow will melt which then feeds the narrows with that water. If water levels get to a specific flow rate from the snow melt, Zion National park will close the narrows for safety purposes.


Historically most days are clear and sunny in March. When weather systems happen to be in the area, precipitation typically delivers itself as a slow drizzly rain. Clouds in the spring can be very beautiful, hanging low with lots of texture.

Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 65/38

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 45/20


#1: Half-day slot canyon tour

There are 2 major reasons that make this tour a great option for March. First is due to the many clear, sunny days that we get in March. Being in slot canyons mid-day with a bright cloudless sky is exactly what you want for the best possible light in slot canyons. The second reason is due to the overall busyness in the park. We have a couple great slot canyons that are off the beaten path and don’t experience the crowding that can exist in the park in March. It’s a great way to have an intimate experience with a spectacular landscape that most don’t even know exists.

#2: Zion sunset tour

The Zion sunset tour in March provides scenes that are fleeting. The newly born foliage on the cottonwood trees in the canyon have a beautiful green hue with a bit of luminance to it. We also receive “cottonwood snow”, seeds which float like large snow flakes through the sky. Shooting these scenes with nice back-lighting can create a very whimsical looking Zion. In addition, March brings the onset of Zion National Parks spring-time wildflower bloom. While we rarely get large fields of wildflowers, the small patches, along with cacti with flower blooms makes for some scenes that feel very alive.

#3: Zion night tour

(Not recommended/available for March 11 - March 23 due to moon cycle)

The reason this is a top recommendation for March is based off of our historical weather patterns. For night photography, you don’t want a whole lot of clouds. March is one of those months that is pretty consistent year to year out here. We see lots of clear nights, which will help you create fantastic images of Zion with a star-filled sky.