The Milky Way stretching over Zion National Park

#1 - Zion night photography tour

This is the best month of the year for Milky Way photography in Zion. This tour should not be missed! This is due to the positioning of the Milky Way, mixed with the predictable clear days that we get in the month of June. The Milky Way rises above some of Zion’s most iconic cliff formations which are receiving illumination from the nearby town of Springdale. The ambient light from town hits the cliffs, exposing them perfectly to showcase the detail and color in the cliffs with a glorious and explosive Milky Way lingering right on top of them. It’s not quite enough light to “pollute” the night sky, but just enough to see detail in the cliff features.

#2 - Half-day slot canyon tour

With visitation in full-swing in the parks, our slot canyon tours are a great way to escape the crowds and have an intimate, quiet experience in a wilderness setting. Many slot canyons that you visit will either be packed with crowds, or you will have to hike miles through desert sand. Not with our canyons. Both of our canyons offer easy access via 4x4 driving on some exciting roads with minimal to no crowds. Don’t worry, we use our capable vehicles, and we’re pros at driving in these environments. Because of the clear skies in June, and the sun being so high in the sky, this is another tour that delivers terrific images consistently. Unlike our full-day slot canyon option, this tour is not at all adventurous and requires no fitness ability.

#3 - Bryce sunrise tour

For sunrise and sunset photography, as a photographer you typically want some nice clouds in your sky. But for Bryce, no clouds is not a deal breaker for excellent shooting opportunities. The unique “glow” that the hoodoos receive in Bryce at sunrise is due to what is called reflected light. Bright harsh sunlight hits the hoodoo in front of it and that light gets reflected onto the one behind it. The result…. beautiful glowing orange light. Lens selection is an important factor at Bryce, and on this tour we make sure we’re using the proper lenses at the right time of the morning.

Useful information from a locals perspective if you’re visiting in the month of June

Sunny, sunny, sunny!! This is definitely the month of the year with the most clear days. It is rare to have clouds or weather events. While this is not ideal for sunrise or sunset photography, you really can’t ask for better conditions for both slot canyon and night shooting! June is what we would consider the very best month of the year for night photography in Zion. It is quite good in Bryce as well, but Zion has the edge based off of the positioning of the Milky Way in June. Our slot canyons receive vibrant and colorful light, glowing with orange and yellow. The deeper and darker portions in the canyon have a deep blue color cast, making for a beautiful palette of colors.


Skies are clear daily. Zion is hot. Bryce has pleasant temperatures, but the mid-day sun will feel quite warm. Lots of water, a hat and sunscreen are important for both areas.

Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 95/62

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 74/40