April may be Zion’s busiest month of the year. This is a newer trend which has gained momentum over the past couple of years. This is by no means to scare you away, but rather to help you know how you would like to arrange the various activities for your time in Zion. Weather in Zion is very pleasant with a lot of clear sunny days. Bryce Canyon is not into full visitation mode at this point, temperatures are still fairly cold up there. Bryce also doesn’t offer the variety of hiking terrain that draws many spring break vacationers to Zion. Wildflower season in Zion is in full force in April and you’ll find a great variety of flowers in all areas of the park.

Zion National Park average high/low temperature: 65/38

Bryce National Park average high/low temperature: 45/20


  • Because Zion can be busy in April, here are a few ideas on how to beat the crowds:

    • Take a trip up to Bryce National Park. It is only 2 hours aways from Zion and it’s landscape can easily be enjoyed in 1/2 to 1 full day.

    • Drive up the “Kolob Terrace Road”. This is an area of the park that holds several backcountry hiking trailheads including “The Subway” (which you need a permit from the park in order to hike), however, you don’t even need to hike in order to enjoy the beauty. This is an excellent drive that brings you into higher elevations of Zion National Park. As you drive, you pass through several different biozones, each holding unique geology, flora and fauna. This area of the park receives very little visitation. Hiking opportunities do exist up in that area.

    • If you’re up for some adventure, you can visit some of our local sand dunes on “Sand Mountain”. In order to experience that area you’ll need to rent a dune buggy. The photography opportunities in these sand dunes and the red rocks in that area are excellent. We are available to guide you on this outing, feel free to contact us if that is of interest to you. This activity is highly recommended for families. For dune buggy rental info click HERE.

  • If you are planning on hiking the Narrows, be sure to check with the park to make sure that it is open just before your trip. With rising temperatures, the higher elevation snow will melt which then feeds the narrows with that water. If water levels get to a specific flow rate from the snow melt, Zion National park will close the narrows for safety purposes.

  • If you are planning on hiking Angels Landing, start your hike about 4 hours prior to sunset. Bring a headlamp, however you will likely not need it any point if you don’t spend more than an hour on the summit. Everyone planning on that hike starts it early to beat the crowds…. but because everyone is thinking that, there are the crowds. Hiking it later in the day will be far less busy.

  • If you are planning on hiking Emerald Pools, be aware that it is very busy with families in April. We would recommend looking into “The Watchman Trail” and “Many Pools”. These are great hikes which are comparable in length and difficulty and will provide a much quieter wilderness experience, mixed with fantastic beauty.


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