Picture a sinuous curve of sandstone, an orange glow fading to a stormy purple in the depths of the canyon.  The lines of cross bedding in the stone recall turbulent winds and water carving secret pathways through the earth.  Images of slot canyons are iconic of the southwest, embodying the stillness and seclusion of the desert.  On our Secret Slot Canyons Tour we visit theses unique landscapes and examine how to best photograph the subtleties of the canyon environment.

Unlike some other canyon tours, we are able to provide a much more private and secluded experience.  We will visit canyons off the beaten path, allowing more shooting opportunities and fewer crowds.  Our professional photography instructors will help you capture the remarkable colors and textures of slot canyons and you can apply these skills anywhere.

NOTE: This tour is strenuous!  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE TO GET AN IDEA OF WHAT IS INVOLVED.  Scrambling up over large boulders which choke off the canyon are challenging to maneuver over.  There are several of these obstacles throughout the canyon.  We may encounter pools of water up to waist deep.  Renting dry pants and protective bags for your camera gear may be recommended depending on the current condition of the canyon.

NOTE:  The "BOOK NOW" button below is a booking request and does not represent our availability on a given day.  We will respond to your booking request as soon as possible.



  • Meeting time is at 8 am. Meeting location is Zion Adventure Company in Springdale, Utah.
  • Tours last approximately 6-8 hours. 



  • 1 Photographer - $319 plus tax
  • Book 2 or more photographers - $219 per person/plus tax
  • Non-photographer - $49 plus tax (What defines an individual as a non-photographer?)
  • Max photographers per tour: 5  (with the exception of families, friends or photo clubs)

**Make trip private for $100

**Book 3 or more tours  to receive a 10% discount  (with the exception of Aerial)

Recommended gear:

  • Camera Body  
  • Wide angle lens (10mm-24mm)
  • Mid-range lens
  • Tri-pod (Required. Rental available)
  • Extra batteries and memory cards
  • Zion Adventure Company Narrows gear    (if needed)
  • Food and water for the day (We recommend bringing lunch and snacks as well as one liter water minimum)

Questions?  Feel free to contact us here.

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