January is one of our favorite months in Zion. Crowds are at their lowest during this month along with February. Springdale feels like a sleepy little town and you feel like you have the National Parks to yourself. When we get weather patterns come through during this time of the year, precipitation typically comes in as rain/snow in the lower elevations, and there are portions of Zion that regularly get snow at higher elevations. Shooting snow on the red rocks is a treat for any photographer. This along with the low angle of sun makes for a great time of the year to be shooting in Zion. Sunrise photography in Bryce National Park is as good as it gets during the winter months. Because Bryce sits at a higher elevation they regularly receive and hold snowfall. With that being said, be aware that Bryce is very cold in January with lows regularly in the mid-teens and below during the best time of the day to shoot (which is sunrise in Bryce).

With these factors in mind, these are our top 3 trip recommendations during the month of January

  1. Zion sunrise

  2. Zion sunset

  3. Bryce sunrise