This is a full day of photography, starting before sunrise and ending after sunset. If you are looking to create the very best day possible to maximize your time photographing and experiencing Southwestern Utah, this is it. There is nothing cookie cutter about this workshop. Every single piece of the day is intricately designed based off of you and your groups photographic and experience desires, what level of instruction you are wanting, weather conditions and fitness levels. In order to book this excursion, we always start with a phone call to help you and us prepare to make the best photography experience you’ve ever had. Bold statement, but we know it’s possible because we do it frequently. By spending an entire day together, we have the flexibility to visit areas that are more off the beaten path, that may take more time commitment than our standard daily tours. Don’t want off the beaten path? No problem, this day is all about you and we’re going to create something that is very specific to your desires, or beyond what you are even aware that you desire.

If you have a group with a mix of photographers, and non-photographers, this is a great way for us to customize an experience that will not only get you phenomonal photos throughout the day, but we will design something special that will create deep and meaningful experiences from this area for everyone involved…. photographers or not. Because this trip is always private, we have the flexibility to adapt throughout the day based off of conditions and your groups desires.

We are a relationship based company. By that, we mean that each one of us as individuals within our organization has a genuine desire to connect with visitors on a personal level. That is not business, that is just who we are as fellow humans on this planet. The relationships that we form with many of our guests become long-term friendships that extend beyond photography. Who you are as individuals is important to us, and we want to create experiences and images that will absolutely blow your mind. Living locally, and creating these experiences for near to a decade, we have become specialized and are quite good at this. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at any of our reviews on tripadvisor and you’ll see what visitors just like yourself are saying.  We want to be a part of deepening your relationship with the natural world through the medium of photography, and hope this isn’t our only time enjoying the outdoors together.


INSTRUCTION - Not all of our guest are necessarily in need of instruction, and for those individuals, our local expertise is invaluabel. If you can benefit from instruction, this is a chance to move your photography skills into the “advanced photographer” range. Even if this is your first time picking up a camera, within one day we can get you there. Not only will you learn to create great photos in the field, but our approach to education will leave you with a deep enough understanding of the technical and artistic sides of photography to where you will be able to confidently produce professional looking images into the future all on your own. Our photography skills are quality, but where we are true artists is in our ability to teach.

LOCATIONS - This is based off of a combination of many factors. Time of the year, fitness abilities, specific photo desires of yours, group dynamics, and weather conditions on our day together all play a roll into the design of this day. Below are examples of areas that we may visit. Some areas we will not name in order to keep those areas under the radar. Here are some locations that we may want to consider together:

  • Zion National Park and it’s bordering areas

  • Bryce National Park and it’s bordering areas

  • Escalante National Monument area

  • White Pocket, AZ

  • Vermillion Cliffs

  • A variety of slot canyons